Sol.Fish is an NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. Unlike most other NFT collections, every fish is designed by hand.

We have hundreds of fish designed and we release a set of 20 each week.

We have an exclusive launch on Digital Eyes! We hand-create each NFT so there is no minting. On Sept 17th we list our first set of 20 fish on Digital Eyes.

We have launched on 9/17! Visit the link below to buy a Sol.Fish!

Buy on DigitalEyes

Hand-made designs, non-generated, released weekly

All SolFish art creations are designed by hand.

We don't use the traditional algorithmic generative NFT minting process.
Every week, we release a randomly chosen set of 20 fish with custom designs on marketplaces, listed from our official wallet.
We simply list all Common fish at 1 sol, Exceptional at 2 sol, Rare at 3 sol, Epic at 5 sol on marketplaces.
That's it.

All verified Sol.Fish NFTs come from our official Solana wallet address.


Sheila is a strawberry fish! She may be common, but she is as sweet as she looks.


Saying Tyson is bullish is an understatement. He's a rare one. There are only 10 of them!


Is Ada a fish or a leaf? Why not both? Own one of the 100 of them.

Fish Properties

Every Sol.Fish NFT will have different attributes. Sheila may be a common fish with many of them out there, but each one can have a different personality, weight, speed, and so on!

We have multiple games on the roadmap that are designed based on Sol.Fish NFTs and their unique properties.

Two ways to verify authenticity

1. Open up any of the SolFish NFTs, look at the very first transaction, and look at the address of the account who initially created the token (labeled as Fee Payer, Writable and Signer on the Solana explorer), like this link, and verify that it reads HEiy5QHVfZD7cdoALaonvJxiwcAp2pfsL4r1oGB9GwdR, our official Solana wallet.


2. Buy a SolFish NFT from DigitalEyes, our exclusive partner marketplace, where every one of our NFTs are listed in our Verifeyed collection.

Visit the Sol.Fish Collection on DigitalEyes

Sol.Fish: Underwater Fight!

Our first game is now live! Underwater Fight is a web-based game playable from your browser (with a Solana wallet like Phantom wallet installed).

In this web-based multiplayer game you control the Fish(es) that you own and fight others, level up, build up your shoal empire with your friends and conquer the underwater world!

Play Now!